orgin Form AThe Certificate of Origin Form A is a type of Certificate of Origin that allows imports from the countries included in the GSP (General System of Preferences) – developing countries – to qualify for the elimination or reduction of tariffs as this system gives preferential treatment.

This Certificate Of Origin Form A was adopted by the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) as a common certificate for products manufactured in countries that are included in the GSP.

This Certificate is issued by the Chambers of Commerce, customs, consular or duly authorized entities in the country of origin of the product.

The competent national authority for the issue of forms A, often customs, will be able tells you how to obtain a Form A for completion.
As the exporter you know whether the goods satisfy the rules of origin so you should normally complete the Form A yourself. However, you can authorise a representative to complete the Form on your behalf. If you do this you must provide your representative with written authorisation for each consignment showing clearly which goods are to be included on the Form A as goods satisfying the rules of origin. You remain responsible for the accuracy of the information given by your representative.
The Form A must be made out in either English or French. If you are completing the form by hand you must use ink and capital letters throughout.