delivery note fotoDELIVERY NOTE is the document which is create by the exporter containing the data conceding with the quantity and quality size, model of the delivered Goods. This documents then handed over to the transporter and when the transporter reached at the destiny, let the importer and receiver to check the check Goods compare with the written quantity and quality in the delivery note with the delivered goods and with the purchase order, which was sent by the importer o customer with the required Goods With their quantity and quality agreed price and delivery date.

Imagine that you have ordered 5000 units of the xx products with the description that 1500 large 1000 medium and 500 small. In purchase order as define more information such as their price delivery date and payment conditions. However the supplier(Exporter) when delivery the goods as required by the Purchase order and create the delivery note to ensure that the goods are sending as required by the purchase order. This document then submitted to the transporter who will be responsible to delivery Goods in the same condition as it is come out from the Exporter warehouse.

When the transporter reached to the warehouse of the customer( importer) and handed over the Good to him with the delivery note to check the Goods whether they are according with the purchase order and delivery note if there is any contradiction then the customer ask to the exporter to amend the information o he sign the delivery note after the amend the delivery note.

This document has two functions for the exporter. First that I have explained above as a evidence that delivered goods are according which have been ordered, and secondly it is evidence for the transporter that he has delivered the Goods safely and at the required destiny.