We provide a wide range of services under one head "STORAGE". We not only store your goods but allow you to manage and always be aware about the moment of the goods (their outbox and inbox activity). We always work hard to provide you more and more facility and keep you calm from the worried about your goods as you can just forget the preoccupation, and handle, organized and manage your goods.

In our service, you have an opportunity to delivery the combo products o a single one, it's up to your choice. You could get access to all the records of the goods. As in case there is any mis match (with your data), you could analysis this with the monthly o annual reports to match and reconcile the goods, and deduct the mishap. You can retrieve all your informational any time. The client only could have the access to the information and only authorized to deal with his/her goods. You and only you can amend your account while adding customer and placing order to deliver.

All these services as we are providing you, will not charge you more. This process as provide you facilities along with the economical cost, and forget your all worries.

As we'll have your daily base update inventory so. You'll be only charged for the inventory which is available by updating your inbound and outbounds.