This is the document of the international transport, which covers the two or more modes of the transport as for example highway, and road transport and by sea, different ships and/or different means of transportation (aircraft, railcars, ships, trucks, etc.) from origin to destination.

Also, it’s use as the contract of the transport and check and confirmed that merchandized have received
This document just a only document that could be send to the authorized transport agent integrated in the FIATA (Federation international of Agent transports association). As the operators of the Multimodal Transporters.
When it issued “to the order” the Multimodal Bill of lading construct the title of the possession of the merchandized, therefore it can be negotiate.

The Note book of the ATA: License of the ATA:
This is document which is issued by the custom department that permit the temporary merchandize exportation and importation between more than the 80 countries adherence to regular conventional, with out payment or advance payment